Dartmoor National Park

Oct 26th

I have put together some photographs from my recent trips to Dartmoor National Park. The weather was unusually kind to me this time. On previous occasions I have had cold, wing fog and driving rain.

Here are some of the photos from the few days I spent there visiting stone circles and spotting wildlife. I also came across a very well built lean to shelter the location of which will remain secret. It was the first time I had found a Bumblebees nest and met the witch in the woods. Whilst I was in the woods I took a moment to watch a Buzzard give this years young some flying lessons. I had a game of hide and seek with a young Roe buck as he was eating brambles. I also managed to pack in some culture by visiting the remains of Bleak house and spent some time by a stream balancing stones. On one of the days I went out late and spent some time practicing some night navigation however that was a bit of a bust because the moon was so bright that I had my shadow following me around.

One thing that struck me was how quiet the Moor is the only sounds you have are the sheep and there are lots of them, the birds and the sounds that the streams make. I spent 10 hours out on some days and only met people by the car parks and in the towns. There do not seem to be that many people wondering around the moors on their own seeking solitude. Whilst I like people and can party I think having time on your own to reflect on life and the wonderful things you have around you is good once in a while. I came back from my few days of almost solitude wanting to see my wife and be close to her to see my boys that are now men when did they grow up and to share the fantastic countryside we have around us.

For any of you that have not been walking on the Moors on your own I do recommend it and if you do not feel comfortable going on your own give me a ring I am happy to take a group for a long walk and a wild camp by a stream. I hope that you enjoy the photos and get inspired.

Dec 10th

On Friday and Saturday I went back to Dartmoor for a walk. The weather was very windy and wet I camped wild near Grey weathers stone circles and then walked back during the morning to take some photos.

There is something very special about lying in a nice warm sleeping bag with some hot Chocolate whilst the wind howls and the rain lashes the tent. On my way back to the car I found a grove of Alders all covered in Moss and Lichen and a very old Beech tree covered in Moss and Ferns. The rain was coming in waves across the clearing near the stone circle so it looks a bit foggy.