Bronze and Silver Expedition Training

Training day

One day of initial training to introduce the young people to:

Tent Pitching Camp Craft,
Food & Cooking equipment
First Aid & Emergency Procedures
Map Reading Exercise
Compass Skills & Practical Map Skills
An Awareness of Risk and Health and Safety Issues
Route Planning for a training day walk.
Information and training on leave no trace policy

A morning or afternoon walk where the young people practice using a map and compass in the field.

Navigation Route Planning Observation Recording and Aim Exercise (Compass & Practical Map Skills)

Bronze 6 route planning hours
Silver 8 route planning hours

Practice & Qualifying Expedition Two days walking with one overnight camp or Three days walking with Two overnight camps between the end of March and the End of October a minimum of 4 people in a team and a maximum of seven people in the team.

Presentation or a report on the expedition aim.

Cost for this including camp site fees and assessor fees for the 2019 Expedition Season:

Bronze £200
Silver £250

Additional costs may be charged for Transport to and from the start and finish points by minibus in the event that parents can not arrange transport.

Two laminated maps of the area will be provided to each team for use during the expedition.
Two Silva compasses will be provided to each team for use during the expedition.
One simple mobile phone will be provided to each team for use during the expedition.
2 Trangia cookers per team will be provided

Kit List

Regardless of your past experiences, this equipment is the minimum required for expeditions undertaken with Down in the Woods ltd and is based on the recommendations of the DofE. This list forms the basis of the pre expedition check conducted with each team on the day prior to the start of the expedition. Some items of specialist kit may be hired at a small charge. Please contact us to enquire.

Download the Kit List as a PDF.

Personal Kit (To Wear Walking)

1 x pair Walking Boots (broken in) and spare laces 1 x pair Walking Socks
1 x pair Thin Socks / Sock Liners (optional)
1 x Thermal Top or T-shirt
1 x Microfleece / Sweater
1 x Walking Trousers (warm; NOT jeans)

Personal Kit (To Carry)

1 x Large Rucksack (approximately 55-65 litre capacity) 1 x Rucksack Liner (or 2 x strong, large plastic bags)
1 x Waterproof Jacket
1 x Waterproof Trousers
1 x Sleeping Mat
1 x Sleeping Bag .?
1 x Sleeping Bag Liner (optional)suitable for the season
1 x Waterproof Bag (Dry Store Bag) (for storing sleeping bag)
1 x Personal First Aid Kit
1 x Watch
1 x Whistle
Small quantity of money (optional)
1 x Notebook and Pen / Pencil 1 x Survival Bag per team
1 x Torch, spare batteries and bulb (e.g. small Maglite or Petzl headtorch) (spare bulb not required for LED torches)
1 x Emergency Food Rations (not to be eaten until the end!)
1 x Water Bottle / Carrier (e.g. Sigg, Nalgene, Platypus or strong plastic, 1-2 litres) 1 x Knife, Fork, Spoon set / Spork
1 x Small Pocket Knife (e.g. DofE Pocket Tool by Victorinox)